Mar 192017

And then I was informed that ship girls are a thing. Kantai Collection, they call it.
These two are named Erebus and Terror, from a fanfic quest called Kant-O-Celle Quest.

(Click to enlarge)

Pretty interesting stuff to make.

The backstory and design process will likely go into another post with more details about the individual steps.

  7 Responses to “Ship Girls”

  1. Oooohh spoopy-pretty… Spooetty…

  2. So much resolution my computer can’t even handle it!

  3. I’m still waiting for Planefag to come barging here screaming about “muh shipgirls”…
    But aside from that this is a really nice picture, I find the post-mortem to really add to it since it’s easy to miss the little details.
    The biggest criticism I could put forward is that I thought Erebus’s bell to be a flask and Terror’s ice-pick to be a cane; but all in all these are just details that don’t really deter from the “experience”.

    • Domochevsky

      1. yay
      2. Hm… now that you mention it, yeah I could see how the ice pick could be seen as a cane. Curious. Maybe a sharper defined head might’ve helped with that.

  4. ahem


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